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What's BRIC A VRAC ?

BRIC A VRAC is the automated and connected bulk distribution solution. This is an automatic dispenser for bulk products, the consumer can see the price and quantity of the selected product scrolling on the machine's screen. No more unpleasant surprises at the checkout! A machine consists of 3 silos with 3 different products. It is therefore possible to choose the product you want on the machine's screen. There is no contact between the product and the customer before consumption, which considerably reduces hygiene issues. We make our own recyclable cotton and paper containers available to customers, they can also bring their own.


Dans le monde de demain, vrac et hygiène iront de pair. Nous consommerons de manière responsable et sans prendre de risque ! Notre mission est de contribuer à une société zéro déchet en supprimant les emballages superflus de notre quotidien. BRIC A VRAC est LA solution !

Notre promesse : vous rendre accro au vrac !

Who are we?

BRIC A VRAC is us. Three young people, Flore, Elise and Samy, concerned about the health and environment of our planet! With a common desire to make a positive impact on the daily lives of millions of people. We are 3 students with very different but complementary skills. We have been working for more than a year to offer you a connected and automated bulk dispensing solution.

Painting depicting a man with a hat
Painting depicting a man with a hat

Elise Rey du Boissieu

Elise, the project leader, is currently in her 4th year of a general engineering school (EPF). She is a very dynamic person and very involved in everything she does. She was also able to learn how to manage large budgets (creation of a solidarity and social student grocery store as treasurer) She takes care of the mechanical part of the project

Flore LeenHard

Flore graduated since January 2019, from KEDGE BS (specializing in creative industries) She has completed several internships through her studies, in the fields of marketing and communication in the house Piaget and Dior. Flore has acquired many entrepreneurial skills during various projects such as the 4L Trophy and the creation of a wakeboard initiation weekend. She is in charge of the communication and partnership part of the project.

Samy Nastuzzi

Samy has always been passionate about computer science and is currently at the end of his studies to become a computer engineer at the UTC. He has participated in the creation and development of numerous IT projects. For the past 3 years, he has been the president of the IT department of hundreds of associations in his school and he has been able to develop projects such as the design of the official application of the UTC. He intends to put his knowledge at the service of the current issue of sustainable development through BRIC A VRAC.

Our stories

Once upon a time Elise, as a young girl she wanted to convince her parents to sort the rubbish. Confronted with many failures, the solution: Ban the packaging! But how? After years of reflection the idea of a vending machine emerges. It is then that Elise meets Flore and Samy a friendship is born even better from the common values with the desire to act together to preserve our planet. Elise sensitizes Flore and Samy to this cause, the beginning of a story appears and BRIC A VRAC is born.

What is bulk?


Bulk sales is a self-service distribution method, it concerns all non-prepackaged products. Bulk non-freezer applies to products such as rice, flours, oils, cereals, laundry detergents and spices. You've all passed by this department, sometimes without even noticing. And that's too bad! Bulk is subject to many problems, and we help you to solve them!

What is the impact of bulk on the planet?


You should know that every 500g of pasta sold in bulk, 1 L of water and 20CL of oil are saved. Thanks to BRIC A VRAC, you can help ban thousands of plastic packages. Every second in the world more than 10 tons of plastics are produced. You can do something about it! We quantify your ecological footprint and you can track your contribution to sustainable development.

How to support us in our project ?


To change the world we need you! We will be setting up two test dispensers in grocery stores soon. To follow our news and not miss anything go to our facebook and Intstagram pages.